Tips on how to find the right ring size...

Are you planning to buy a ring or prepare a sparkling surprise for your loved one, but you don't know what their finger size is? I will advise you how to easily find out the ring size using several proven methods. I will make the rings directly for you and if it happens that the ring does not fit, I will adjust the size for free.

1. Personal meeting in the studio

The most proven way to measure the size of your finger is our personal meeting, during which I will measure the exact size of your finger using special measuring rings. In addition, during a personal finger measurement, I can tell you more information about the jewelry, you can see behind the scenes of my work and we can discuss your special requirements. I recommend this method of measurement if you plan to purchase wedding rings from my portfolio.

2. Measuring rings

It is complicated for you to meet in person, I have a solution for you using measuring rings that I will send to your home by mail, just contact me via email. A ring gauge is an adjustable ring with measurements that you put on your finger and tighten like a tie, until the ring is comfortable for you. It is important to test whether you can pull the gauge off your finger comfortably and if you have, for example, larger joints, you also need to adjust the size of the ring. Then please send me the dimensions indicated on the measuring ring in the order and I will make the ring for you.

3. Measuring the finger with a string

If you want to save time, there is a method thanks to which you will find out the size of the finger very quickly. A piece of string, a ruler and a thin marker will suffice as a suitable tool. Take a long enough string that you can handle well. Wrap the string around your finger and tighten it slightly, but think about your joints and see if you can pull the string over the joint. Mark the slightly taut string on your finger with a pencil exactly in the middle to mark both parts of it. Finally, take the help of a ruler and stretch the string evenly towards the ruler. The marked range indicates your ring size. Send me the exact data in centimeters and millimeters and you've won.

4. Engagement rings

If you are planning to buy your love an engagement ring, this is a top secret event. In this case, there are several tricks that will help you find out the correct finger size of your future fiancee. The first of them is to involve someone from your fiancee's family who knows the size of the ring finger of her left hand well in the whole event. Another way is to borrow a ring from your sweetheart's jewelry box and trace its inner circumference on paper and then measure the diameter, which you send to me. This method is not proven enough, because the ring finger of the left hand is usually much smaller than that of the right hand, so it often happens that the ring needs to be made smaller. The most proven way is to order measuring rings and measure the size of the left ring finger while your significant other is fast asleep. If you want to save yourself a lot of adrenaline, I recommend sensitively and subtly asking your loved one about her finger size. Getting the engagement ring size right is never easy, so if the design allows, the ring can be changed at any time.

If you are unsure of either method, contact me and I will send you a free measuring ring.

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