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I approached Antonia for the creation of my wedding ring, because I really like her work visually, and above all, you can see that there is a very strong and thoroughly thought-out concept behind each of her pieces. At the same time, I have always perceived her as an amazing ethereal being who is connected to completely different sources than us, ordinary mortals :) Therefore, I believed that together we would spontaneously create something unique. She willingly listened to my request and, based on the conversation over coffee, she came up with the theme of water in connection with me, which resonated with me, and thus gave rise to my ring, which is composed of decomposed and reassembled 3D scans of water splashes. I am delighted with him, he has exceeded all my expectations and I really appreciate the willingness and openness with which Antonia went into this job. I believe it was rewarding for both of us. Antonie is a huge talent and a warm person and I wish her much success and happiness. Thanks a lot!

I've had Antonia in my sights for a long time, when I followed her work on Instagram. Therefore, at the moment when we started to decide on a jeweler for wedding rings, Antonia was the clear choice. I really enjoy her minimalistic visual, it is always underlined by an elaborate detail that makes the jewelry a visual jewel. This was also the case with our wedding rings, when we came up with a great concept together - a special ring engraving that carries deep symbolism for us. Antonie is kind, accommodating, flexible with time and open to new ideas. Her work has a great personal touch, both for the customer and the jewelry. I will continue to be loyal to her jewelry, and I know that I will definitely not stop with her wedding ring, on the contrary. Thanks a lot and I definitely recommend!

Antonia's work caught our attention with its uniqueness and minimalist design, which is why we turned to her to order our wedding rings. Cooperation with her was very willing from start to finish, Antonie was open to all our ideas and requests, she responded very quickly and flexibly. There is nothing to criticize, her work can only be recommended.