About me

Antonie Lecher was born in the Czech Republic. After studying conceptual jewelry and modern art in the Czech Republic and Barcelona, ​​she decided to found her own brand in 2018. She mostly make premium jewelry from noble materials and most often works with philosophical, environmental and historical themes that determine the aesthetic side of her jewelry. Thanks to the combination of modern technologies and traditional goldsmithing techniques, she create original jewelry that aims to separate its owner from the crowd. The emphasis is mainly on wearability, originality, exclusive materials, ideas and quality workmanship. You can meet Antonie Lecher in person at the SmetanaQ studio.

"We were born to admire the natural beauty of being"

2017 Ladislav Sutnar Gallery - 1948 on a sharp edge (collective exhibition)
2017 Galerie Klanová - Be a part (collective exhibition)
2016 1.2.3. Gallery (St. Petersburg collective) - Metamorphosis (solo exhibition)
2015 Silver Legnica - Hranice (collective exhibition)
2015 Prague National Gallery Veletržní palác - Kolektor (collective exhibition)
2015 Jiří Trnka Gallery - Ladislav Sutnar reflection (collective exhibition)
2015 Mettalum Gallery - Reborn (collective exhibition)
2014 Ladislav Sutnar Gallery - Seal ring (collective exhibition)
2014 Galerie Mettalum - Rantus (collective exhibition)
2014 Design-S - Seal ring (collective exhibition)