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How to take care of your luxury jewelry

Posted by Adéla Slížková on

If you own luxury jewelry made of precious metals, you need to take proper care of them to make them beautiful for a long time. We will advise you on some basic rules on how to take care of your valuable jewelry and what to avoid. This will keep your jewelry shining as if it were new.

Put away jewelry at work and in sports

Luxury jewelry is a delicate matter, so you should take it off during any hard work such as gardening or cleaning. If you leave the jewelry on your hands, you risk scratching or deforming it. You should also put the jewelry away during cooking, as various impurities may settle on it. If you are an avid athlete, you should put the jewelry in a jewelry box, because irritating sweat accelerates the oxidation of precious metals. If you own jewelry with a diamond or other precious stone, we recommend that you also put the jewelry away before work or sports. You don't want to risk losing your gem. Swimmers and diving enthusiasts should be careful not to allow their jewelry to come into contact with chlorine, which may damage the finish of the jewelry. Get a jewelry box, thanks to which you will safely store your jewelry in one place at a time and you do not risk losing them. Before each storage, wipe the jewelry with a special jewelry cloth to remove sweat and grease.

Beware of cosmetics and cleaning products

Some cosmetics and cleaning products can have a very negative effect on your jewelry, as they accelerate the oxidation of the surface of all precious metal jewelry. If you own jewelry made of precious stones and pearls, you should not expose them to contact with cleaning agents and cosmetics. It is best to take off your jewelry at home, and if you go out, put on the jewelry at the very end after completing all the cosmetic procedures. Pay particular attention to perfumes, body sprays, soaps, creams, hair sprays, just about everything, just everything you beautify.

Do not expose precious stones to sudden changes in temperature

Many types of gemstones are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. This is especially a sudden change in temperature, or just too high a temperature (direct sun, hot water). In these conditions, there is a risk of discoloration or even cracking of the stones. Owners of jewelry with emeralds, who should not come into contact with hot water under any circumstances, should be extremely careful. At the same time, these gems are not recommended to be worn every day. The emerald is an extremely sensitive and delicate gemstone that requires conscious wearing and, if improperly cared for, you could devalue your jewelry.

Jewelry requires care

Use a soft cloth to remove small dirt from your jewelry. You can also buy a special cloth for jewelry, which is also impregnated with a special fabric for polishing them. Load extremely faded jewelry into a bath of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Then use a very soft toothbrush to clean the deposits in the folds of the jewelry. After the bath, rinse the jewelry with cold water, dry and wipe with a soft cloth. Never clean your jewelry with toothpaste or chemicals not intended for this purpose. Also avoid rubber and latex gloves that deprive the piece of jewelry.

Contact a professional

The best results are achieved by professionals in the jewelry industry, where they have the necessary equipment and thus achieve the best results. The jewelry is cleaned mainly by laser or ultrasound and thanks to this technology it removes all impurities from the jewelry. Above all, it is better to leave the cleaning of gemstone and pearl jewelry to an expert, or at least consult with him. Some jewelry has a layer of rhodium on it, white gold jewelry would not have such a beautiful metallic shiny color without it. The rhodium layer wears out over time, but you can have the jewelry rhodium-plated again and it will shine like new again. The same is true for silver, where the rhodium layer protects the metal from oxidation and blackening. It is best to contact your goldsmith directly from whom you own the jewelry. These services are usually provided free of charge along with the purchase of luxury and expensive jewelry.

Council in conclusion

Jewelry is designed to beautify you. Luxury pieces with precious stones are not intended for everyday wear, but only for a special occasion. Jewelry is engagement and wedding rings, luxury watches and more are recommended to be put on as the last thing before leaving the house. For these purposes, get a jewelry box in which you will store your jewelry right after your return. If you wear earrings, we recommend putting them off at night and during the bath.



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